Taryn Bostwick MA

The Butterfly Within Counseling Center

I have a background in religious and spiritual studies. I believe that a persons spiritual journey has a tremendous effect on their life and so I have made a point to study world religions so that I can meet a variety of clients where they are on their path whether it includes a spiritual tradition or not.

I pride myself on working with families of all kinds including alternative families. I have experience with the GLBTQ community as well as polyamorous families. When you're not monogamous, sometimes the issues aren't about polyamory or your alternative lifestyle. Having a poly friendly counselor helps keep the focus on the real issues. I also work with mixed relationships (polyamorous/monogomous). Families come in many shapes and sizes and unfortunately many counselors are only trained in working with traditional and nuclear families. I believe it is important to understand the dynamics that come into play in many cultures and traditions and how it effects the family unit as a whole.

Alternative Sexualities and Lifestyles are another area I chose to specialize in for I believe there is a lack of resources available. Sexual variance, fringe communities, alternative living arrangements; all of these are often misunderstood and judged. While working with these communities I provide a safe, non-judgmental space to explore issues related and unrelated to one's alternative way of self-expression.


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