Anna Dow LMFT

Therapist and Coach - (at Vast Love)
LMFT #106116

I offer therapy in the state of California and coaching internationally through a practice that’s entirely online. My primary specialization is supporting people with issues related to non-monogamy through a trauma informed lens. My practice is kink, queer, trans, monogamy, poly, open relationship, RA, neurodivergent, and quirk friendly. I’m passionate about sharing tools that can help others experience secure relationships in whatever structures feel like the best fit for the unique values, desires, and ways of being of the individuals involved.

I utilize a wide range of approaches in my work to help my clients in more deeply connecting with themselves and more effectively relating with others. The interventions I employ are commonly informed by Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Somatic, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Expressive Art Therapy, and Ecopsychology methods.

On the personal level I’m queer and neurodivergent. I’ve also engaged in non-monogamy myself for over a decade. My personal experience offers me an inside scoop for solution seeking in the context of both neurodivergent relationships and non-monogamy. Some of the things I can offer support with are:

  • Increasing awareness of your personal needs/desires based on your unique way of being
  • Scheduling & time management
  • Opening an existing relationship
  • Reconciling differing needs in regards to relationship structure
  • Trying to decide if non-monogamy could be a good lifestyle fit for you
  • Increasing understanding of how trauma and attachment wounds show up in non-monogamy (including strategies for compassionately engaging with trauma responses)
  • Navigating difficult emotions (including jealousy)
  • Learning to better identify and express feelings & needs
  • De-escalating relationships with mutual care
  • Building strategies for lowering defenses in communication to better negotiate differing needs/desires
  • Learning how to better identify and uphold healthy boundaries for yourself
  • Improving your self care game
  • Better understanding & processing sexual or identity related shame
  • Navigating the coming out process
  • Creating sustainable & workable relationship agreements
  • Intentionally engaging with hierarchy or non-hierarchy in ways that offer adequate informed consent
  • Sexual health awareness and agreements
  • Connecting with supportive & open-minded community
  • And more

Please email me or reach out under the “connect” tab on the website.


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