Mim Chapman MA, PhD

Relationship coaching - ( at MIMCO)

What is your relationship dream? "You gotta have a dream, If you don't have a dream How you gonna make a dream come true?" Through active listening, questioning, creative role-play and other forms of interaction, we challenge and support clients in discovering their own unique dreams, then sharing them with their partner(s) - or practicing communicating them to potential new partners online or face to face.

People in existing partnerships work together to create agreements that make each person feel safe, special, and supported, especially during times of change. Challenges commonly encountered include new partners figuring out just what type of relationship they want to create together, existing relationships opening up to include new partners, or closing down a previously open relationship, or blended families establishing trust and intimacy. Clients may focus on involving children in change in their own or their parent's lives. Upon occasions, the focus has been in the work place or school, stimulating better understanding, respect and efficiency among members of a work team. Consultant is a certified Myers-Briggs trainer, and uses this and other techniques in working with various types of clients in diverse settings, Honest communication - within ourselves and between partners - is the key to finding your relationship dream and making it become reality. - Does online consultation - Does phone consultation


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