Dr. Lindsay Matthews-Naumann PhD, LMSW, CST

Psychotherapist - Mental Health Professional - (at RISE - Resilient Inclusive Sexual Health Education and Therapy )
LMSW in the state of Michigan #6801095185 CST - AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

My business is called RISE - Resilient Inclusive Sexual Health Education and Therapy. I provide therapy services to folxs ages 18 + who are English speaking within the state of Michigan.

Clinically, I approach therapeutic work from: a personable, feminist, strength based, queer, humanistic, sex positive perspective. This approach is backed by research driven interventions and education in the mental health and sexual health fields. I bring unique clinical strengths from my time at Michigan Medicine which enhanced skills within the intersections of medicine, psychology and sexual health.

I continue to advance these intersections by affirming the spectrum of human diversity, empowering individual expression, and intentionally tailoring treatment to the goals and desires of each client.

I believe that sexual health is a part of your overall health. Further, I value sexual health and pleasure and sees both as human rights. I seek to support folxs who are looking for positive changes in their sense of sexual self, as well as their overall mental health.

2601 JACKSON ST. #1115 ANN ARBOR, MI, USA 48103

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