Mandie McGlynn

Spiritual Companion/Guide - (at Selah Spiritual Care)
I have a Master of Divinity degree from Chicago Theological Seminary (’19), and studied InterSpiritual Guidance at the Spiritual Guidance Training Institute in Chicago (’22).

Each of our lives is a sacred story, and my work is to both bear witness to the story as you understand it now, and to support you as you weave new threads into the sacred text of your life.

My passion is working with those who have historically been underserved by religious institutions, whether that be queer folk, people who identify as atheist/agnostic, clergy and other religious professionals (who often are not able to take refuge in religious institutions as they are leading them). Whatever your experiences have been in the past, I hold open space for you to bring everything - including your confusion, your anger, your sadness as well as your hope, your joy, your faith, your practices. I have supported people from many religious traditions, as well as those whose spiritual understandings include no God-concept but do include a sense of being part of something bigger - be that the Universe or simply a family or community. Our sacred space is a safe haven to explore, deconstruct, reconstruct, or just be held.

Spiritual Guidance with me usually takes the form of one or two hours a month of conversation and deep listening, tarot readings, text study, spiritual writing, or other explorations, currently in a virtual format. I am a member in good standing of Spiritual Directors International. I would love to meet you in a no-pressure, no-cost consultation! Schedule a brief, no-cost consultation at https://calendly.com/selahspiritualcare/consult.

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