Jeanine Gilmaher M.F.A., C. Ht., CD & PCD (DONA)

Hypnotherapist/ Meditation Coach/ Doula - (at Spiral Centric Journeys)
I am an eclectic professional, with a wide range of experiences that have all converged in my current mission, in which I have operated a sole practitionership as a hypnotherapist, meditation coach (www.SpiralCentric.com), and birth and postpartum doula (www.EarthMotherDoula.com) over the last four years and in which I have over twenty years personal experience in personal development, recovery, and trauma support. If you are finding yourself being held back from having the relationship you want, from responding in a way that feels like your true self, and you are ready and want to change that; you may find my services valuable. I work with individuals, mamas- and partners-to-be, and new parents and their families no matter what they look like. Wishing you good things, SpiralCentric and EarthMother Doula - Does phone consultation

P.O. BOX 294, MONTROSE, CA, 91021, US

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