Maverick Lumen

Queer Peer and Tarot Reader
Professional Counselling Diploma completed June 2020, however, I have deregistered from counselling specifically. More education and my accountability team can be found on my website.

Using Peer Support and Tarot, I offer intuitive services to adult trans and non-binary queers who are looking to discover wholeness. My work is informed by my counselling background but incorporates a strong spiritual focus in my relationship with the Tarot and my ancestors. As a result, topics we often discuss can range from more queer-centred (gender, sexuality, polyamory, kink) to more spiritual (often ancestral work and connection). I use my lived experience and weave my beliefs about what it means to “heal” in a society and system that itself is not healed. Together, I hope we can also find what your definition of queer healing is while moving towards collective liberation.

My services are currently offered online only and in English. I have a sliding scale that ranges from $85 to $140 CAD, and it is not likely to be covered by insurance. I always ask that you choose a fee amount that honours the investment you are putting into yourself / your goals, and me as a marginalized practitioner. You choose the rate that is right for you but know that choosing my full rate helps me continue to see people who do need the lower end of my sliding scale.


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