Colleen Hennessy

Therapist - (at BraveSpace)
M.S. and Certificate of Advanced Graduate Study (CAGS) in Mental Health Counseling (2010/2011), Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC) #286 in California (2013). Level 1 Certification in Consensual Non-Monogamy from the Sexual Health Alliance (2019). Certified in EMDR.
Is trauma or anxiety keeping you from connecting and communicating in the way that you want to in your poly relationship? Sometimes part of us is totally on board with the poly plan, and another part is terrified or putting up defenses, and it can be hard to figure out why. I help people in poly relationships work through patterns that keep them from feeling safe to explore what they desire and hold their partners' emotions. We can connect to your body and your values to help you to get back on track and living the life you want to live. I use humor during session, and laugh and smile often. I am not afraid to explore difficult, painful, or taboo topics, and enjoy sharing these conversations so that you, too, will feel more comfortable in your own skin. I’ve been on (and am still on!) this journey myself, so I have empathy for how difficult it can be to unlearn monogamy and reach a safe and secure attachment. I utilize EMDR and IFS (“parts work”) to help people get to the heart of the matter and make changes for themselves. If you want to live more authentically, have kind and compassionate responses to your partner, or not care so much about what other people are thinking or how you “should be”, then give me a call for a free consultation! You can easily schedule on my website as well, www.BraveSpaceSD.com.


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