Molly Reagh

Relationship Coach - (at Bonobo Relationships)
Degree: MSW
My name is Molly Reagh (pronounced “ray”), and I’m here to support you in navigating the beautiful complexities of relationships. Maybe you’re looking to talk to someone who can help you figure out if some kind of nonmonogamy is the right fit for you. Maybe you’re years-in to nonmonogamous relationships and you want to explore exactly what kind of nonmonogamy works best for you. Maybe you want support navigating jealousy or metamours. Maybe you’re generally having a hard time in your relationships and want to work with someone who can hold space, offer insights, and work through this confusion with you. I specialize in working with nonmonogamous/polyamorous and LGBTQ+ folks, because those are two very important and special parts of my own identity and lived experience. I pride myself in my exceptional relational and people skills, staying humble, doing my own healing and growth practices, and having a big capacity for holding space with people who are struggling with the ebbs and flows of humanity.


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