Molly Reagh

Relationship Coach - (at Bonobo Relationships)
Degree: MSW
Hello! I’m Molly (she/they) and I want to help you better understand yourself as a relational being. My main goal as a coach is to create a warm and nurturing environment for you and your nervous system to feel understood, cared for, and secure. I want you to feel safe enough to share of yourself fully, in all of your complex and beautifully messy humanity. Through attachment work, somatics and embodiment practices, connecting to your conscious and unconscious parts, trauma-informed and consent-based values, I’ll help you connect to yourself so you can more lovingly connect to your loved ones. Whether you’re polyamorous, monogamous, polycurious or wanting to buck all labels and just relate to people honestly and genuinely, I’m here to support you at any point in your relational journey. I have a Masters Degree in Social Work and certificates in Integrative Life Coaching and Somatic Attachment Therapy. I’ve worked for over 4 years with queer, nonmonogamous and trans* youth, adults, and couples.


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