Lesley Caroline Charles

Psychotherapist - (at Authentic Human Counselling)
BSc Integrative Counselling licensed in the United Kingdom. I have a BSc (Hons) Integrative Counselling (practicing since 2016) and I am an NHS Trainee High-Intensity CBT Therapist. I work with individual adults (not couples) aged 18 plus.

I believe a welcoming, safe, and supportive therapeutic environment is the key to emotional healing and personal growth. Working together, we will make sense of whatever has become a problem for you in the ‘here and now’ or enduring issues with their roots in the past. My hope is you will not only gain clarity and insight but know you have been understood in the context of your history, gender, sexuality and culture. I believe often when we are faced with fears linked to uncertainty, uncontrollability and unpredictability or feeling hopeless about the future, counselling/psychotherapy can support us to make a lasting change.

Integrative Psychotherapist framework draws from CBT and Psychodynamic modalities. I work with individual Adults 18+ with Anxiety and Depression and Low Mood.


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