Elizabeth (Bee) Retief

Mental Health Support Counselor - ( at ElizabethR Counselling & Training)
I am a Mental Health Support Counsellor, specialized in Trauma, Bereavement and Relationship Support. I am registered with the ASCHP as a Specialist Wellness Counsellor (SWC20/584). I am also a certified Traumatic Incident Reduction (TIR) facilitator and trainer, registered with TIRA in the USA and TIRA-SA in South Africa. I hold a MSc in Psychology from The University of Roehampton (UK, 2018) and I have completed a variety of short training courses in trauma, bereavement, Coaching (NLP and Schema- focussed), Transactional Analysis, Conflict Mediation, Relationship Counselling and others.

I am a mental health support counsellor (pronouns she/her) with specialization in Trauma, Bereavement and Relationship counselling. I work with people whose practices and preferences are often judged, such as those in open/polyamorous relationships, practicing BDSM, sex workers etc. I offer a supportive space in which to address life’s difficulties.

I provide online sessions, and my sessions are not fixed length. The opportunity to have longer sessions has been invaluable to many of my clients. I also do my best to be informed of the differences in how people experience the world in order to be accessible to and supportive of my neurodivergent clients.

My practice focuses on building personal agency to give people more control over their lives and relationships.


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