Meg Wilson

Clinical Counsellor - (at Unison Counselling)
  • Master of Art Therapy 02/02/2016 - La Trobe
  • Accredited by the Australian Counselling Association (member # 20166)
  • Emotion-focused Therapy Core Skills A

Meg is a clinical counsellor working in private practice facilitating individual and relationship counselling sessions.

She is the founder and lead therapist for Unison Counselling where our specialization is focused on supporting people engaging in non-traditional relationships.

Meg believes strongly in the use of education to shift public perceptions regarding sexuality, self-expression and mental health. She uses a person-centred approach within her own therapeutic practice and understands the importance of creating a trusting and non-judgemental space for therapeutic growth. She is particularly interested in how cultural backgrounds shape our understanding of the world and always seeks to respect and understand the cultural significance as it applies to a person’s worldview.

Specialties: Art Psychotherapy, DBT, Mindfulness, and Emotion-Focused Therapy


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