Lauren Corneliussen

Realtor - (at Trillium Real Estate)
I have a BA from Oakland University and I am a certified and licensed real estate professional. My license number is 6501421784, and my broker is Sandi Smith with Trillium Real Estate.
  • My first role is to provide my clients with the information they need to make educated real estate decisions with confidence. Real estate agents are only paid at the time of closing, so there is no fee for any advice or consultation that I provide prior to that event.
  • If a client is selling, I will visit the house that we will be selling and provide a detailed market estimate, and then list that home on the market if the sellers approve of that market estimate. I provide regular updates to sellers and handle all negotiation with buyers.
  • If a client is buying, we will meet and discuss exactly what that client is seeking so that I can guarantee they end up in a home that meets all of their needs. After signing an agreement to work together and ensuring all buyers are preapproved for a mortgage, we look at houses for as long as it takes for the buyers to find their new home. Once we find it, we make a competitive offer which the seller ideally accepts. I handle all sales negotiation and will work with the listing agent to get to closing quickly and stress-free.
  • The best way to reach me is my cell phone at 810-844-0133.


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