Irene Saxton

LMSW - (at Sea Sparrow Counseling and Wellness)
Licensed in Alaska (#172445) and Indiana (#CV2102524)

Throughout the 20+ years Irene has worked in the mental health field, she has worked with a wide variety of clients with a diversity of life experiences. She has historically worked with marginalized populations such as at-risk teens/youth in clinical outpatient settings, residential placement and families struggling with homelessness and OCS. She has experience working with clients in many stages of life and struggling with issues including trauma, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, psychosis, OCD/other impulse control issues. She has taken trainings on Health At Every Size and is fat/sex positive.

Irene specializes in LGBTQIA2+ folks, whether starting or in the middle of their queer/transitioning/identity development journey. She also works to support individuals struggling with identity and relationships, including poly, ethical non-monogamy and kink/fetishes.


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