Kate Mageau

Licensed Mental Health Counselor Associate (LMHCA) - (at Kate Mageau Counseling, LLC)
I have a graduate degree from Florida International University; it is a Master’s of Science in Counselor Education, specializing in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I have a LMHCA for Washington state: MC61389318. Out-of-state Telehealth provider for Florida, TPIH84. My primary supervisor is Lindley King, and their license is LH60991816.

Hi! I’m a bi/pansexual mental health counselor! I work with youth and adults, via group and individual counseling. I have a group specifically for people to explore sexual, affectional, and relational identity (Wednesdays; Adults 10 am, Youth 3:30 pm; more groups are on my website). I also offer free gender affirming letters.

As a counselor and as a person, I value social justice, curiosity, and empowerment. I advocate through political demonstration and involvement, I advocate for clients, and I teach clients to advocate for themselves. The counseling frameworks I employ are feminism (it is for all genders; the basis is to analyze power structures), existentialism (look for meaning) and narrative therapy (deconstruct society’s narratives).

I am also an intimate partner violence (IPV)/domestic violence (DV) survivor. I went to support groups at a DV advocacy agency, and I loved the experience so much, that a few years later, I returned to the agency to run the groups as a volunteer. This inspired me to become a therapist, as well as write a memoir about my experience, to teach people the warning signs (available at Barnes & Noble and on my website).

I work with people who are coming out of trauma, and who want to understand it, heal from it, and grow into their new empowered identities. I also work with people for anxiety, depression, PTSD, self-esteem, and self-exploration related to career guidance and sexuality and gender identity.

At this time, all counseling is virtual and in English.

I look forward to discussing the ways we can work best together!


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