Rachel Ambrose

ADHD and life coach - (at Porch Light Coaching)
BA in English from Meredith College (2014), AACC (ADDCA Associate Certified Coach) certified ADHD coach (2022).
I am an ADDCA-certified ADHD and life coach (AACC). I was diagnosed with ADHD in 2016 and self-diagnosed with autism in 2021, so I coach from a place of peer support and shared lived experience. I am also queer, non-binary, polyamorous, and geeky, so if you’ve struggled with feeling seen in all your beautiful and complex glory by mental health professionals, rest assured - I get it. Our coaching relationship often looks like a space where you can figure out what works best for your own neurodivergent brain, and how to work with the strengths and skills you already have as a way to create lasting change, build self-trust and self-reliance, and fully embrace who you truly are.


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