Wendy Stanga LMT

Massage Therapist/Bodyworker - (at 5 Element Bodywork)

I am a licensed massage therapist in New York and Pennsylvania. I currently live and work in Philadelphia, in the West Philadelphia/University City area.

My practice is focused on 5 Element Style Shiatsu as taught in the Swedish Institute College of Health Sciences in NYC. 5 Element Shiatsu is a fusion of traditional Japanese Shiatsu, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Classical Chinese medicine and the yin/yang theory brought together to promote Mind Body and Spirit wellness.

Along with Shiatsu massage I also use Gua Sha (a scraping technique) and Moxabustion (and herbal incense used on various acupoints) which are both described on my website. I also infuse my Shiatsu with techniques from Tui na a style of Chinese massage related to Anma and aspects of Swedish massage when needed.

These techniques are used to treat a wide range of issues on all three levels of the body and help promote wellness and the proper flow of Qi. They are also wonderful for relaxation!

I am familiar and comfortable working with people of all walks of life, lifestyle and gender expression. I strive to create a safe, comfortable environment for all of my clients in order to serve them best.


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