Alex Tisman LCSW (he/him)

Psychotherapist, LCSW
I am an LCSW.

Professional specialties and skills: Working with and navigating an often more complex socio-political environment as a poly person where monogamy is compulsory, working with kinky folx, supporting queer, trans, and gender expansive folx. I utilize a humanistic, narrative approach. Harm reduction, and trauma-informedness are life philosophies for me. I am certified in somatic approaches to trauma.

Populations served: I work with folx as young as 6 and I work across the lifespan. I work with mainly queer, trans, and gender expansive folx. I also work with poly/nm/kinky folx. I have experience working with folx who experience chronic illness, chronic pain, folx who have been in care-taking roles, folx who understand themselves as neurodivergent, disabled folx, folx with complex trauma, parents (especially of trans kids). I also do relationship work (all permutations). I also do family work.

5153 N CLARK ST., STE. #224, CHICAGO, IL 60640-6823, USA

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