Nina Sloan

Online Counsellor - (at Our Landing Place Therapy Collective)
BA (Psychology), BEd, MA (Counselling Psychology), CCC #10007854, RCC #18646

The journey of healing and growth can be messy, challenging, and heartbreaking, but at the same time beautiful, majestic, and worth every effort. I believe that counselling is a place where space is held for you to process deep emotions, overcome obstacles, increase self-awareness, feel vulnerable, be challenged, connect, grow and work towards a life that’s more fulfilling.

Growth and healing flourish in a safe space, so that’s what I work hard to create: an open-minded and judgment-free environment where you feel heard, validated, and respected. As a counsellor, I bring my authentic self into each session, led by knowledge and powered by intuition. This means that you will see me not only as a counsellor, but as human as you are. I will meet you where you are, help empower you and equip you with the tools to make lasting changes and become the best version of yourself.

My approach looks at the whole person, so we will dive into all aspects of you who are: physical, mental, social, and spiritual; past, present, and future. Collaboratively, we will navigate your struggles, challenges, and/or areas of your life that you would like to see transformed. Because every person’s story is unique and valuable I use an integrative style (drawing from various theories and approaches), which means that every therapeutic experience is as unique as you are.

My primary focus is working with members of the LGBTQ2IA+ and non-monogamous communities. Through lived experience as a queer and poly ciswoman, I understand many intersectional experiences of oppression and vulnerability. This provides me with deeper insight into how I can support my clients from an anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, sex-positive, and affirming framework.

My areas of passion are:

LGBTQ2IA+ Individuals, Partners, Groups, and Families

Ethically Non-monogamous Relationships and Non-traditional Dynamics (polyamory, open relationships, swinging, kink, sex work, etc.)

Gender and Sexuality

Sex and Intimacy

Consent and Boundaries

Religious Trauma

Chronic Pain


Psychedelic Integration (coming soon!)

For more information or to book please email me directly or book online via our website.


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