Alaina Knox they/she

TheraBee, LLC
Hey y’all. I am a somatically trained, anti-oppression mental health care provider and conflict resolution practitioner. I help clients develop a more intimate awareness, and acceptance of their identities by supporting them in differentiating between their own voice and the voice of the abusive systems that surround them. I believe that all systems of oppression are linked and rooted in a need to control that which ventures outside of the lines. It is for that reason that my approach to healing is non-dual, meaning that it is grounded in the belief that multiple truths exist, sometimes contradicting one another and causing conflict. I believe that we cannot shame ourselves into action. I am devoted to helping clients build an internal world that is not riddled with shame, guilt, or fear. To do this my process combines shadow work and inner child healing. My personal joys include cats, hula hooping, and spending time near water. I am wishing you the best of luck on your journey in love & liberation.


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