Jess Lynn

Non-Monongamous Relationship Coach - (at Both/and Coaching, LLC)
I have a clinical background as a trained therapist, which I bring to the coaching space. I am able to work with clients worldwide.

I work with adults as individuals and/or couples, triad, other constellation forms. I have two formal group coaching programs and am also able to customize support for folx who may not feel they meet the criteria or would find these programs beneficial.

My 12 week Signature Program is called Non-Monogamous Newbies; focus is on creating a firm and healthy communication foundation as an individual, couple, etc. dive into non-monogamy. This program is also a good fit for folx who have started out and are feeling the need to hit the reset button and go back to basics. The program covers everything from your “why” in non-monogamy, to different types of non-monogamy, setting relationship agreements, conflict resolution, coping with insecurity and jealousy, mindset and somatic work, coming out to others, dating, and much more!

My 4 week pre-program is called The Conversation Compass; focus here is to help an individual who would like to have the “opening up” convo with a monogamous partner. I provide support, scripting, and help individuals prepare for a variety of reactions from their partners.


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