Cheryl Evans

Business Coach - (at Carnanco dba Cheryl.wtf)

20+ years of experience

Virtual Business Card: https://bit.ly/cherylwtf1

We all know that fad diets fail and lifestyle changes create lasting results right? Why would you put your business on a fad diet? Or worse, none at all?

It’s time to transition from business chaos and to calculated growth. My comprehensive, year-long “Wicked Transformations” coaching programs are designed to deliver rapid results in 8-12 weeks but with the support to create sustainable change over the long haul. Unlike other coaches who focus on just one area of your business, I examine your business holistically, ensuring that world-class sales are backed by equally strong operations and customer service.

Don’t become just another statistic. With my help, you’ll slash the typical 80% failure rate for business change initiatives, benefiting from my multi-industry expertise and innovative, neurodivergent approach to problem-solving. Your business is unique, and you deserve a tailored strategy that adapts to your needs, culture, and challenges.

My programs are action-oriented and results-focused, equipping you with the framework to enact sustainable change, not just a curriculum to study. Let me meet you where you are and take you where you want to go.

Tier 1: The Ask the Expert Business Mastermind

Think of it as a group therapy session for business leaders but with more spreadsheets and less awkward silence. We meet monthly to dish the dirt on our business woes and serve up some delicious solutions.

  • Price Tag: Just $40/month.

Tier 2: Wicked Sales Accelerator

Know that you need sales and marketing but feel like you’re walking through a maze blindfolded? Let’s turn that maze into a racetrack. Certain you just don’t have the personality for sales? Don’t worry…I promise there is a way, let me show you a different approach.

  • What’s in the Box: Bi-monthly group calls, self-paced learning modules, and a supportive online community.

  • Price Tag: $350/month (and you get all the Tier 1 goodies).

Tier 3: Wicked Transformations

Move over, Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen transformations. This program is like having a personal trainer for your business. Let’s tackle the roadblocks, plot a course to the moon, and dodge obstacles like a Ninja!

  • Perks: Monthly live planning & training, loads of resources, and an educational utopia.

  • Price Tag: $500/month (all lower tier perks included).

Visit the Wicked Title Forum for more information on Tiers 1-3 here. https://community.wickedtitleforum.com/

Tier 4: Custom Tailored Solutions

Custom-tailored programs are for those who need something unique. It could be anything from a one-off strategy or training session to fill a very specific need, private coaching and/or consulting for a whole team or company, or a large, long-term, hands-on, project managing a change initiative for a business. Use my scheduling link to book a call to discuss the need and request a quote.

Keynote Speaker

Whether you’re looking for a motivational kickstart, an educational deep dive or a content marketing lead magnet, I bring energy, expertise, and a touch of whimsy to any stage. Perfect for workshops, webinars, lunch and learns, conferences, seminars, or corporate events that could use a sprinkle of enlightenment and a dash of entertainment.


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