Rev Amy Beltaine

Spirit-tending (also called Spiritual Direction)
I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, and a nearly lifelong earth-relating/deities-honoring panentheist. I received my Spiritual Direction training from Namaste, in Portland Oregon in 2011, and spiritual direction supervision training from Urban Ministries and Joan Alexander. I teach Spiritual Direction work for people offering spiritual care, through Cherry Hill Seminary (a Pagan seminary.)

Spirit-tending is a process of finding your spiritual direction: Through spirit-tending people uncover their sacred stories. Individuals attune to the mystery of the spirit of life, learn and grow in their personal spirituality and deepen their relationship with all they hold holy. This opens you to the source of energy for your purpose in life. My grounding is in consent culture. and my message is that you are whole, holy, and worthy. Especially for those who are awake to the pain in the world. Break open or break through, instead of breaking down.

Language spoken: English

Populations served: Earth-relating, deities-honoring, agnostic, humanist, liberal religious, spiritual-but-not-religious. All ages from Teen onwards.

In addition to the email and land-mail addresses listed, you can also text me at 503-877-2692

9450 SW GEMINI DR. STE. 77477, BEAVERTON, OR 97008-7105

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