Sophia Bernard PhD, MA C-IAYT

Yoga Therapist, Somatic Bodywork Practitioner
Intimacy and Relationship Coach, Somatic Sexuality Educator, I hold a PhD in Somatic and Clinical Psychology, specializing in Trauma Therapy, and I am a certified Art of Being teacher and Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT).

Do you feel stuck in your relationships or your intimate life? What would it be like to get into your inner flow? If you could have the relationships that you deeply desire, what would they look like? how can you open up to a more holistic, or tantric way of relating?

As intimacy & relationship coach, my goal is to help you create the relationships and intimate experiences that bring you joy, and deep contentment. Part of that exploration means integrating body, heart, and soul, so that your choices are in alignment with every aspect of your Self. Part of it means unpacking and releasing old stories and looking for new perspectives that can guide you where you want to go. Part of it is learning communication skills - finding the words that can support you in creating the relationships that you’re longing for.

Whatever your goals and whatever brings you connection, joy, and love, I can offer 30 years of experience and a deep commitment to supporting your journey, by coaching you and your loved ones to explore intimacy, tantric sensuality and sexuality, and ways to become present, truthful, heal past trauma and create a new, honest and deeply satisfying way of relating.

Some of my areas of expertise include: trauma, anxiety and shame and its psycho-somatic repair, intimate relational presence, communication and ‘slow sex’ practices. I’m certified as Somatic Bodywork Practitioner and Trauma Therapist. I work with all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship styles. I’d love to welcome you to work with me via phone or video. (FaceTime, Zoom). Some of my areas of expertise include: Learning to use presence centered awareness and breath to slow down in order to create a deeply fulfilling tantric experience of closeness and/or love making, releasing trauma, fear and shame, relationship and communication issues, women’s issues, sensual partner massage, simple kundalini breathing practices and other intimacy & relationship practices.

I’d love to welcome you to my online office to work with you over phone or video. ( FaceTime or Zoom).

For more info and to make appointments: soultending@gmail.com. Sessions available in English and German.


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