Mordecai Ettinger SEP, MA

Somatic Practitioner & Counselor - (at Propolis Project)

I am trained as a somatic practitioner, Reiki practitioner and peer counselor. I also provide somatic education, mediation, and facilitation services. The somatic work that I practice is called Somatic Experiencing and utilizes our felt sense of the body to anchor us into our deepest wisdom, clearest intuition, and clearest paths to transformation and growth. This work was created by Dr. Peter Levine, a psychologist and biophysics. Thus, my work is grounded in the neurobiology of healing and personal transformation; the topic on which I centered my Masters research.

I have over 15 years experience working with individuals, couples, and organizations/ groups, including over 10 years experience managing a mental health crisis drop-in center. I have also worked as a social justice activist and anti-racist/ anti-oppression educator, so I consider myself an accountable ally to communities of color and diverse communities who experience oppression in our society.

I am queer, trans/gender variant and poly friendly and educated. I am available for phone, skype, or in-person sessions. My office is safe and accessible for people with multiple chemical sensitivities and/or environmental illness. It is also accessible for most people who use wheelchairs or have mobility disabilities. - Does online consultation - Does phone consultation

3069 MAPLE AVE, OAKLAND, CA, 94602, US

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