Janet Rose JD

Mediator - (at Rose Solutions, LLC)

I offer mediation and conflict resolution for families, schools, and non-profits. I aim to create an environment that empowers parties to be consciously aware of the impact of their words and actions, find solutions that best suit their interests and thus more peacefully resolve conflicts. I have extensive experience with LGBTQ concerns and modern, cooperative family structures, such as polyamory, that allow me to provide a non-judgmental and compassionate atmosphere for resolution of most family conflicts.

I provide professional consulting services for small businesses and non-profits who wish to keep up with a changing world. She has a wealth of experience in public policy analysis with an emphasis on public education as well as commercial contracting and risk management experience. My focus on peaceful transition is a good fit for many businesses experiencing growth, conflict or change. - Does online consultation - Does phone consultation

P.O. BOX 36373, DENVER, CO, 80236, US

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