Rosie Wagner DDS

Dentist - (at Smiles By Rosie Family Dentistry)

Smiles By Rosie Family Dentistry the lifelong dream of Dr. Rosie Wagner, who wished to build an office that represents her treatment philosophy. We are a poly-knowledgeable general dental office treating all ages, starting from birth. Our approach is “No judgement, no lectures.” We focus on patients who have not been to the dentist for a long while or who just haven’t felt comfortable at the dentist before due to a variety of reasons. We are welcoming, friendly, and educate patients on why we are recommending a particular kind of treatment and let them make their own informed treatment decisions. Besides all that, we’re just the most friendly people you’ve ever met!

Families of all types and dynamics welcome! We treat all ages and perform comprehensive dentistry, including dental care in the operating room for children and adults with special needs.


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