Tracy Lunquist

Business Coach - (at Working Magic)

I help professional people use more of what they have to get more of what they want. Specifically, I help businesses and business owners achieve their goals, whatever those goals may be. Typical issues I can help with include leadership and people development, strategy and business planning, customer loyalty, and time management.

If you're an executive or business owner looking for ways to make your business work better, I'd love to talk to you and see if I can help. Real people don't leave their lives behind when they go to work. Having a poly-friendly business coach means having someone you can trust to understand and work through the daily distractions and scheduling challenges, as well as the larger communication and relationship issues that may impact your effectiveness at work.

I offer personal leadership and time management coaching as well. - Does phone consultation

1113 S. PEARL ST., DELAND, FL, 32720, US

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